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REF: 1  SOLD  $582,500
J'Ville West 100m2
2 brm bungalow
REF: 2SOLD  $718,000
Churton Park
RV $475k   140m2
REF: 3 SOLD  $485,000 J'Ville Ctrl  RV $285k 100m2    2 dble brms
REF: 4 SOLD  $690,000 J'VILLE     RV $500k
Circa 1910, 3 brms, gge
REF: 5 SOLD  $530,000 NEWLANDS Crtl  2 brms, studio/gge,  R.V. $295k
REF: 6 SOLD  $870,000 Aotea RV $680k,
4 brms, 2x gge,
REF: 7 SOLD  $860,000 Churton Park 4 brms, RV$570k   ia dble gge
REF: 8  SOLD  $440,000 OTAIHANGA
3brms 2xgge   130m2
REF: 9 SOLD  $625,000 Newlands RV$420k
3brms, ia garage
REF: 10  SOLD  $165,000   Te Aro   Rent $295pw
23 m2 Apt. Furnished
REF:11 SOLD  $436,000 Newlands  RV $235k, 2dbrms  parking
REF: 12 SOLD  $450,000 J'Ville Ctrl RV $285k,
2 brms, 2 wc's, parking
REF: 13 SOLD  $652,000 WHITBY  RV$560, 4 brm
views, 2 w.c.'s, 2x gge
REF: 14 SOLD  $419,200 WHITBY  2 brms  study, gge T/hse, R.V. $355k
REF: 15   SOLD  $468,000   J'Ville Ctrl  RV $410
4 brms, ensuite,  gge

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